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An adventure game in nature, which concept is based on the traditional Czech scavenger hunt game. The author of the game sets out a route with tasks in advance, and the other players then follow the compass needle, complete tasks and discover new places with our app in hand.

Around Us introduction

Top 30 in Vodafone idea of the year

In the oldest startup competition in the Czechia and Slovakia, we placed in top 30 in 2022 with our outdoor entertainment idea. We put together a business pitch and went to present to the jury.

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First steps

The first challenge was to come up with a fun game system that was also feasible in a reasonable amount of time as an MVP. This was followed by the creation of branding, wireframes and prototypes for future outdoor entertainment.

Around Us first steps

Mobile app

The alpha and omega of the project is a usable and visually appealing application combined with creative creation of adventurous tasks. This gives players an unforgettable experience that they will love to come back to.

Around Us mobile app main
Around Us mobile app mission detail
Around Us mobile app mission ongoing


The web serves as a presentation of the project and an overview of the application's functions. You can also find the story of the founders or the most frequently asked questions. To support marketing, we have implemented a blog to introduce players to interesting places in the Czech Republic and motivate them to explore abroad.

Around Us website

Social sites

We stay in touch with same minded adventurers through the social sites. For that purpose we use Facebook and Instagram.

Around Us social sites

Places from
a bird's eye view

The beauty of the Czech Republic from a view high above our heads is provided by a drone. We decided to film a series of interesting places, which will hopefully motivate viewers to visit or even create a Around Us Scavenger Hunt.

Around Us Places


Thanks to everyone who participated in the project

Jarda Šimek - design & marketing
Filip Oborník - frontent & backend
Štěpán Záliš - mobile app
Aneta Krejcarová - illustrations
Josef Benjač & Finie - website