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I immersed myself in creating a brand for a DJ who specializes in house, groove, and melodic techno – this isn't just any jukebox experience! Get ready to dive into the world of music, where every beat tells a story and every note creates a vibrant atmosphere. Let the groove guide you, as we explore the artistry behind the tunes and unveil the passion driving this exceptional DJ.

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photo by Martin Kopecký

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The central theme of the brand revolves around audio waves, which, with their curved corners, form the inscription "Koopix." Throughout the brand, a whistle accompanies us, proudly worn by DJ on the chest. The color palette is harmonized in shades of gray, accentuated by vibrant covers of the recorded sets, bringing brightness to the overall design.

Jarda is a professional in his field and it’s a pleasure to be working with him. Years ago, I struggled to conceptualize a new idea for my brand. Once I asked Jarda for help, we engaged in multiple brainstorming sessions. He asked insightful questions to grasp the essence of my passion and even took the time to listen to my music for a more authentic understanding of my craft. What an approach! The outcome of his magic work left me stunned & proud of the brand. Thanks, man. <3

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Koopix sets Koopix logo construction by Jarda Simek DJ Koopix DAMI stage