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Czech Academic Choir logo


The logo is based on a familiar abstract depiction of a choir, with a new addition of notes that have been used in the past in visual work. The green and blue colors have been replaced by red, which is even more vibrant and dynamic with the target group in mind. The grouping of the name underneath lets "ČAS," which is the central motif of the advertising campaigns, stand out better. The choice of the title font only rejuvenates the idea of the new visual image of the Czech Academic Choir.

Czech Academic Choir singer 3D
Czech Academic Choir concert


To ensure the logo is used correctly and adheres to the set graphic direction, I designed a brand book. Together with it, I also created a manual for working in Figma so that the conductor could work with the visual. This includes, for example, basic shortcuts and moving around the canvas, editing text, or exchanging photos for banners.

CAS brand book
CAS 3D white icons
CAS 3D red icons

The cooperation on the new visual of the Czech Academic Choir with Mr. Šimek was highly professional. All supplied designs, logos, colors and fonts, including their installation on the web and training in Figma, made us very visible in the public space and took the presentation of our art group a lot further.

- MgA. Michal Vajda, Conductor and Choirmaster

CAS - Michal Vajda

Social media comunication

To communicate to a younger target group, I chose a combination of 2D and 3D elements along with an aggressive red color. The banners are designed to be as easy to modify as possible. In total, more than 100 banners were created as templates.


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