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Branding of my own chilli project from A to Z. Labels and overall look of the product through 3D visualizations. Packaging of shipped goods. Promotional video. E-shop preparation, social media visuals and other additional graphics.

jardikovo chilli outline graphic

3D visualization

Instead of taking photos of the product, I decided to model the jar including the content and lid in 3D in Blender. This will give me the freedom to come up with campaigns in the future. There are no limits to creativity and what can be imagined can be realized in 3D, even if it may defy the laws of physics. To enhance the fresh look, I added drops of water on the glass.

Jardikovo Chilli 1 jar Jardikovo Chilli


The challenge was to find a supplier who could print white ink on a transparent sticker at an affordable price. The print had to be of a quality that would allow the QR code to be scanned without any problems. I solved the variable expiration date by printing additional labels using a label maker.

Jardikovo Chilli Labels
Jardikovo Chilli Printed Labels


I built my e-shop on a modified Shoptet template, which will guarantee me all the comfort when managing orders. The site includes recipes from the world of chilli, and also our story.

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Jardikovo chilli e-shop

I love cooking, exploring new cultures and spicy food, so I started Jardíkovo Chilli, where I present experiences from my travels through a cudled chilli sauce.

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